How ‘Crafty’ are you?

The Age Old Debate – What is ‘Craft’? This is undoubtedly the most talked about subject in the beer world. I first got disgruntled with the word ‘craft’ when working for a very successful (and forward thinking) regional brewer. The context goes a little something like this…. I was doing a tasting evening for a new […]

Herbilicious Polytunnel

Sticking to our bee-friendly principles, our vegetables are organically and bio-dynamically grown by our crack team of horticulturists, which is led by Scotson Reeve. Here are just some of the things our polytunnel is teeming with at the moment:- Basil Parsley Courgette Rocket Lettuce ’           Runner beans, garlic, broad beans, onions, tomatoes and cucumbers will all be […]

Dogs on Tap

We sent in a photo of wee Angus with a bottle of Scotch Ale to the Dogs on Tap Instagram account. Now he is Instafamous! Dogs on Tap launched in 2014 by Bethany (a graduate of William Paterson University) and Carter (a Border Collie mix). Their aim is to provide entertainment and information to the dog owning, […]