Our Year in Beer

Well as years go 2011 has been a cracker. Our industry is in the throws of a hugely exciting time for well crafted beer, which we have seen reflected in our growth over the past 12 months. We are 50% up on last year and we have seen some hugely ex...

Black Isle hits Glasgow in Bruadar

As the world of beer continues to evolve at an exciting rate, beer lovers are seeing the benefit in the shape of some forward thinking bars. An excellent case in point is the imminent opening of Bruadar in Glasgow. Formerly the Millhouse at the fo...

Black Islay: Welcome to the Evolution

Well it's been a long time coming but we've finally reached a point where we can unleash our new website on you, the World. Hello! Casks with yummy stuff in (beer) It has most definitely been a labour of love, lots and lots of phone calls, emails,...

Total Tap Night at Cloisters Bar

You might have noticed that of late we have all been just a little bit busy. We've got a new brewer, new shop manager, we're sending kegs to Sweden, bottles to Switzerland, and generally been having a lot of fun in the meantime. We thought it migh...
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