Organic production promotes biodiversity, helps wildlife, and provides a mixed and sustainable ecology for flora and fauna to thrive. It is the antithesis of modern agro industrialist production, which is based purely on monoculture and profit.

Like good beer we believe in balance.

What we lose in yield on the farm we gain in birds, bees and other wildlife, and yes we have weeds too! Sometimes very beautiful weeds that provide food and habitat. As organic brewers we pay 3 times as much for our hops and twice as much for our barley, but we believe that some things are just worth paying for.

Long live the weeds and the wilderness yet!

Organic means no Genetically Modified plants

No genetically modified plants; no hydrogenated fats, no nasty aspartame, tartrazine, or MSG.
No artificial chemical fertilisers or pesticides, destroying the ecosystem and causing pollution and green-house gases.
Plant, insects and bird life are up to 50% more abundant on organic farms.
Animals live free-range, have open spaces and fresh air, and are not cloned and fed growth hormones.
We have lost 90% of the wild bee population and 50% of farmed hives. No pollination = no fruit.