In 2017, we launched 23 Trees, a Citra Saison beer, in response to the needless destruction of 23 ancient trees on the border line of our organic farm. 

Our mission at Black Isle is to be true to nature; to foster a healthy and lasting environment, which provides life to the birds and to the bees. Not only were precious habitats destroyed, but also a mark of history was lost – decades worth of time cut down within hours.

We wanted to raise awareness of this undue act and brew a beer fitting to the cause. Citra is a hop that has exceptional impact for craft beer brewing – and by planting 200 trees to replace those lost – we hope to have the same lasting, positive impact on the landscape around us.


We captured the planting of these trees in a short video below, and will share their progress over time – as they flourish and grow – providing oxygen for us to breathe, as well as a home and source of food for the birds, animals and bees!

In September 2017, we were also delighted to be award bronze in the Scottish Beer Award’s ‘Best Fruit Forward’ category for 23 Trees. As one of our most popular seasonal beers, you can buy it directly from our online shop.