Jazzing Up The Brewery Walls

In 2014, a gifted artist and kind volunteer – Lauren Mercer-Smail – joined us from Canada to experience organic life at the brewery and farm. As a WOOF’er, Lauren offered her time in exchange for food, lodgings and a memorable life experience. We welcome so many people from around the world to stay with us and become a part of our Black Isle family. Lauren’s talent for art led to a lasting memory of her talent on our brewery walls – transforming the whitewash in to a lively, musical mash-up!

Bringing some of nature’s most beautiful creatures together, over the months she was here, Lauren created a incredible anthropomorphic line-up of Scottish animals found both in abundance – and rarity – within our country.

You can visit us at the brewery for a tour to see the full musical ensemble, and join us for a free tasting session in our shop.

Lauren shared her thoughts about her time here; learning what life is like on a working, organic farm as well as tasting our latest beers and enjoying our annual Jocktoberfest outing!

Find out more about her experience as a WOOF’er and the thoughts behind her wild and creative mural.