Growing Our Own Veg at Black Isle

At Black Isle, we’re true to our nature – it makes us who we are – and being sustainable and organic wherever possible will always in our DNA. When we moved to Old Allangrange, we begin with the brewery; but since then we’ve acquired land, on which we grow a portion of our organic barley and give a home to our beautiful, Hebridean sheep, horses and cows.

As part of our development, we’ve also built our own polytunnel to organically and bio-dynamically grow herbs, salad and vegetables. These feed us and the kind WOOF’ers who come to help us throughout the year, as well as make their way across the Kessock Bridge to our bar in town.

Cutting down food miles is an important step in a bigger journey to preserve nature – and of course – sustaining the declining bee populations, of whom we are all dependent. By creating bee-friendly habitats, we can help these amazing little creatures to thrive. Simple herbs and plants like Rosemary and Lavender are perfect for feeding them the nectar and pollen they need to survive.

Here are just some of the things we grow within the polytunnel:

  • Basil
  • Parsley
  • Courgette
  • Rocket
  • Lettuce

If you’ve enjoyed a salad or one of our tasty, wood-fired pizza in town, you’ll have certainly tasted some of our homegrown, organic greenery.

Why not give your plot a bee-friendly boost yourself? Whether it’s summer or winter, we can all play a part in creating bee-friendly environments – and you don’t need to be a horticultural expert either. Some of the favourites we’ve got growing here include  – Borage, Nasturtium, Shiznanthus, (known as Butterfly Flower) –  all great pollinators for bees.