“Spring has sprung

The grass is ris

I wonder where them birdies is.

The little birds is on the wing

Ain’t that absurd

The little wings is on the bird!”

In 2016, Goldfinch joined our core line up of Black Isle beers as the first gluten-free beer in our range. A 3.5% session IPA, it’s bursting with citrusy zing and is both  light and refreshingly hoppy! As the rise of gluten-free products fill supermarket shelves, we wanted to offer those with intolerances and coeliac disease a delicious alternative to what’s on the market today.

Goldfinch has gone on to win a number of awards and is one of our best selling brews. You can buy it directly from us online, at bars and bottle shops around the country, as well as other countries around the world.

Buy it here and read the reviews from happy, Goldfinch drinkers!