Cold Turkey Breakfast Beer

We think everyone can agree that good beer should have good flavour, aroma and body.  For those who wish to enjoy a pint or two without feeling guilty about drinking a stronger beer we at the Black Isle Brewery have developed a lower alcohol beer.  This may be a lower abv than the rest of of our beers but with a higher hop charge than most it does not compromise on quality or taste.

Just in time for 6 long weekends of rugby we have the Cold Turkey Breakfast Beer.  Using oats, barley and wheat in the brew it has all the malty taste of multigrain cereal, a refreshing grapefruit flavour coming through from the hops gives it a fruity character, and to finish it off the heavy roasted barley gives a subtle coffee edge to the overall taste to this all day breakfast in a pint.

It will be available in cask around Edinburgh from this weekend with bottles available in selected outlets and direct from our online shop from Friday 8th February.  The pubs about to vent their casks of Cold Turkey Breakfast Beer include:

The Waiting Room

Bow Bar


Holyrood 9a

Black Cat

Caley Sample Room

Jolly Judge

Mash Tun

If hanging around till Friday is not for you we are launching it at The Waiting Room, Belhaven Street, Morningside,Thursday 31st January, 7:30pm.


New Beer in Town

The month is almost over with many/ most resolutions forgotten. We believe in continuing the year as we started. Drink in hand. To celebrate the end of January we are launching a brand new beer and having a Meet the Brewer event to give you all the chance to try it.

Colin “Mr Brewer Man” Stronge and friends will be heading down to Edinburgh to the delights of The Waiting Room for a night of some very special aged beer and exciting new beer just days out of the conditioning tank. We will of course have all the beers you would expect at a Black Isle Brewery event along with a chance to win some excellent prizes including tickets for the 2013 Black Isle Shindig in April.

Here’s all you need to know:

7:30pm, Thursday 31 January 2013
The Waiting Room
7 Belhaven Terrace, Edinburgh
EH10 5HZ