Pivo in a half shell, Tortoise power!

Geoffrey warming up by the Aga. The Black Isle is colder than Africa.

What is true however, is that we have new beer. It is a 4.8% pale ale, it is hopped with Cascade, Pilgrim and Nelson Sauvin then dry hopped with New Zealand’s finest just to make sure. It has the fantastic aroma you’d expect from the Nelson with the prerequisite bitterness in the finish you’d hope for in a proper pale ale. The word ‘moreish’ was heavily used during our tasting session.

We haven’t bottled it, so if you’d like to try Geoffrey you’ll have go to a pub and be sociable. To account for all tastes it is both keg and cask with a healthy smattering around Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle over the next two weeks.

As for Geoff, he is settling in to his new home nicely. Only today he saught solace by the Aga only to be sat on by one of the dogs and then almost trodden on when Mike was frying eggs.

Watch Geoffrey in action as he scales the mountainous hearth and heads for the fire.