Black Islay: Welcome to the Evolution

Well it’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally reached a point where we can unleash our new website on you, the World. Hello!


Casks with yummy stuff in (beer)


It has most definitely been a labour of love, lots and lots of phone calls, emails, text messages, more emails, some more phone calls and a significant amount of stress.

Anyway, with Christmas coming up we thought we’d give ourselves a present, and this is it. We hope you like it, because we’ve built it with you in mind.

We’re at pains to state that we’re not finished, this is a work in progress. Expect lots of changes in the future! We’ve got some great ideas in the pipeline. Lot’s of fun, lots of cutting edge stuff and of course, lots of brilliant beer.

Feel free to leave comments, interact with us, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and generally become part of it all. It’s quite exciting, you’ll like it!

As part of this little launch, we now have on sale Black Islay, an 8.1% Bruichladdich Organic whisky aged Imperial stout. Just click Here. You might even find some other goodies on our new shop.


From all of us at The Black Isle Brewing Co.


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